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Flight Procedure Design

Flight Procedure Design

The goal of flight procedure designing is to develop a series of maneuvers to be carried out during departure and approach to land by reference to flight instruments which will provide best possible trajectory with specified protection from obstacles. A number of factors like airspace constraints, users need and ATS requirements have to be catered in design. To ensure that the procedure designed is safe, simple and economical in terms of both airspace and time, matter requires high level of skill and expertise of the procedure designer.

CAA Pakistan, being a signatory to Convention on International Civil Aviation has obligation to ensure safety in all aviation fields, so is responsible for the safety of all instrument procedures in Pakistan airspace. For this reason, Flight Procedure Design Branch has been established within Air Navigation Services Division of Pakistan CAA not only to fulfill its own Procedure Design requirements but it also extends services to private aerodrome operators. The officials working in the branch ensure safety of the procedures so designed by application of design criteria contained in ICAO PANS-OPS (Doc8168). They also ensure that the quality assurance requirements contained in ICAO Doc 9906 "Quality assurance in Flight Procedure Design" have been catered for during the design process. The team working in the branch is fully capable to undertake the task for designing of instrument flight procedures in accordance with conventional or as well as Performance Based Navigation criteria. In order to improve working and introduce automation in flight procedure design, Pakistan CAA has also acquired Procedure Design software.

Pakistan CAA has started working for implementation of Performance Based Navigation within Pakistan. In this connection RNAV (GNSS) Approach procedure (RNP APCH) have been implemented at runway ends which are not equipped with ILS at three major airports i.e. BBIAP Islamabad, JIAP Karachi and AIIAP Lahore. 17 RNAV PBN ATS Routes have also been implemented within Pakistan airspace to accommodate major traffic flows overflying Pakistan.

RNAV (GNSS) Approach RWY07R JIAP Karachi
RNAV (GNSS) Approach RWY07R JIAP Karachi

The schedule of charges for the development of instrument flight procedures is appended below;

01 Precision (ILS) Approach Procedure (including Localizer only) one Runway end $8000/-
02 APV Baro-VNAV (including LNAV minima) for both Runway ends $14000/-
03 APV Baro-VNAV (including LNAV minima) for single Runway end $8000/-
04 RNP APCH LNAV minima only for both Runway ends $8000/-
05 RNP APCH LNAV minima only for single Runway end $5000/-
06 Non-Precision (VOR or NDB) Approach (For both Runway Ends) $8000/-
07 Non-Precision (VOR or NDB) Approach (For single Runway) $5000/-
08 Non-Precision (VOR or NDB) Approach (For both Runways/ Cat A&B only)) $5000/-
09 Non-Precision (VOR or NDB) Approach (For single Runways/ Cat A&B only)) $3000/-
10 Standard Instrument Departure per procedure (Conventional or PBN) $1500/-
11 Standard Terminal Arrival Route per procedure (Conventional or PBN) $1500/-

Note 1: In addition, the visit of Procedure Designers to conduct physical assessment at the initiation of the task as well as during validation phase will be the responsibility of Aerodrome Operator
Note 2: The fee does not include the flight validation of the procedures which will be the responsibility of aerodrome operator. Pakistan CAA Flight Calibration Unit may be contacted for such services.
Interested parties may contact us to avail services of our Procedure Design experts on following contact numbers/ email address;

General Manager Flight Procedure Design
Operations Directorate
HQs Civil Aviation Authority
JIAP Karachi

Ph# +92 21 99242541, +92 21 99072276
Fax# +92 21 99242185

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