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IndexIndex of ANO
ANO-001-AWRG-5.0 dated 4th April 2011Approval of Maintenance Organizations - (shall be superseded by ANO-145-AWRG after 31st Dec, 2017 for Commercial Air Transport and Aircraft above 5700 Kgs)
ANO-002-AWRG-2.0 dated 4th April, 2011Approval of Organization (Manufacturing)
ANO-003-AWRG-4.0 dated 4th April, 2011Recreational Vehicle – Registration and Maintenance
ANO-004-AWRG-3.0 dated 4th April, 2011Certificate of Airworthiness, Permit to Fly and Export Certificate of Airworthiness
ANO-005-AWRG-3.1 dated 16th June, 2011Airworthiness Requirements for Pakistan
ANO-006-AWRG-2.1 dated 1st June, 2012Certificate of Type Approval
ANO-007-AWRG-3.0 dated 4th April, 2011Aircraft Instruments, Equipment and Documents for Flight
ANO-010-AWRG-2.0 dated 4th April, 2011Approval of Suppliers Stockists and Distributors of Aircraft Components
ANO-011-AWRG-3.0 dated 4th April, 2011Issue of Approval to Foreign Repair Station/Limited Rating Certificate of Approval for Manufacturers (shall be superseded by ANO-145-AWRG and AWNOT-086-AWRG after 31st Dec, 2017)
ANO-012-AWRG-2.0 dated 4th April, 2011Aircraft Loading
ANO-013-AWRG-2.0 dated 4th April, 2011Certification and Operation of Amateur Built Aircraft

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