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ANO Flight Standards

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ANO-001-FSXX-8.0Requirements for Issue, Renewal and Continued Validity of Air Operator Certificate Issue dated 01st April 2014.
ANO-002-FSXX-4.0Operations Specifications Dated 1st May 2014
ANO-003-FSXX-5.0(Issue 5 dated 26.02.15) : Contents of Operations Manual
ANO. 91.0004(Issue 2 dated 07.04.10) : Operational Control Systems
ANO. 91.0005Issue-3, 27th June 2002. Ferry Flights of Three/ Four Engine Aircraft.
ANO. 91.0006Issue-1, 21 April, 1999. Proving Flights.
ANO. 91.0007Issue-3, December 2006. MMEL / CDL.
ANO. 91.0008Issue-1, 18 May, 1999. Emergency Evacuation Demonstration.
ANO. 91.0009Issue-1, 06 May 1999. Ditching Demonstration.
ANO. 91.0010Cancelled
ANO. 91.0011Issue-2, 26th Feb 2007. Misc Safety Requirements.
ANO. 91.0012Issue-5, 07th April 2011, Flight Time, Flight Duty Periods, Duty Period and Rest Periods For Fatigue Management- Flight and Cabin Crew
ANO. 91.0013Issue-1, 18 May 1999. ETOPS.
ANO. 91.0014Issue-1, 16 May, 1999. Crew Resource Management.
ANO. 91.0015Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM) And North Atlantic Minimum Navigation Performance Specification (NAT- MNPS)Issue No.3 Dated 2nd Sept, 2009
ANO. 91.0017Issue-1, 14 April, 1999. Flight Crew Training Requirements and Procedures.
ANO. 91.0018Issue-2, 17 September 2009. Cabin Crew Member Training Certification and Utilization.
ANO. 91.0019Issue-1, 6 June, 2000. All Weather Operations and Limitations.
ANO. 91.0020Issue-2, 16 August, 2000. Accident Prevention and Flight Safety Programs.
ANO. 91.0021Issue-2 , 13 September, 2000. Recreational Flying Activity.
ANO. 91.0022Issue No. 4 February 2011 Private Aeroplane Opeartions
ANO. 91.0023Criteria for the Qualification of Flight Simulator" (Issue 2 dated 02.09.09)
ANO-024-FSXX-6.2Issue 6 Dated 22-01-2015: Commercial Air Transport Operations – Aeroplane
ANO. 91.0025Issue-2 dated 05th May, 2011 "Helicopter Operations"
ANO. 91.0026Issue-1, 16 August, 2000. Enforcement Procedures-Violation of DGR.
ANO. 91.0027Issue-3, 4 October, 1999. Flight Inspector of Air Carrier.
ANO. 91.0028Issue-2, 18th September 2009. Flight Data Analysis Programme and Flight Data Monitoring
ANO. 91.0029Issue-1, April 2006. Aircraft Performence Classes and Limitations.
ANO. 91.0031Issue-1, August, 2007 Special Operations (HELICOPTER)
ANO. 91.0032Issue-1, 4 September 2008 Safety Management System for Operations
ANO. 91.0033Issue-1, 12th February, 2009 Aircraft Mass & Balance Control Program Operational Requirements
ANO. 91.0034Issue-2, 13th December 2010 Security Procedures for Flight Crew and Cabin Crew
ANO. 91.0016Issue-2, 7th April, 2010 - Aircraft Leasing and Operation with Leased Aircraft

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