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Aeronautical Information Service / Management (AIS/AIM)

Aeronautical Information Service / Management (AIS/AIM)

Accurate and reliable aeronautical information is a vital component of modern air navigation system. Pakistan CAA is providing comprehensive aeronautical information to meet the needs of the aviation industry and fulfill international obligations under Chicago convention.

Pakistan CAA Aeronautical Information Service covers preparation, processing and handling of all aeronautical data essential for safe air navigation. AIS team provides comprehensive range of AIS products for operators / air crew to ensure the safety and efficiency of each and every flight. This service includes:

  • Pre-flight, location and area briefing
  • Aeronautical Information Package (AIP), including amendments
  • Notice to Airmen (NOTAMs)
  • Aeronautical Information Circulars
  • AIP Supplements
Pakistan CAA is in the process of transition from AIS to AIM to meet the industry challenging demands as well as international obligations. In this connection, the existing facilities of AIS will be upgraded by acquiring a centralized aeronautical database with AIM tools for automated creation of e-AIP and other AIS/AIM Products.

eAIP Pakistan
eAIP Pakistan

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