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Flight Procedure Design

Flight Procedure Design (FPD) Branch has been established within Air Navigation Services (ANS) Division of Pakistan CAA with responsibility of design and maintenance of instrument flight procedures (IFPs) for civil airports owned by Pakistan CAA. The branch has been provided with sufficient resources to perform assigned tasks. It includes the infrastructure including licenses of Procedure Design to improve working and introduce automation. The team working in the branch is also qualified and fully capable to undertake the task for designing of instrument flight procedures in accordance with ICAO PANS-OPS Conventional or Performance Based Navigation criteria. During the IFP design process, Quality Assurance requirements contained in ICAO Doc 9906 "Quality Assurance in Flight Procedure Design" are being catered. Quality Management System implemented in FPD branch to cater this requirement is certified in accordance with ISO Standard 9001:2008.

FPD Branch also extends services to other users for IFP designs on charge basis which do not fall under the domain of Pakistan CAA. Interested parties may contact us to avail these services for which the charges are levied as per following tariff:


  S. No

Procedure description

Design fee



ILS Approach Procedure (including Localizer only) one Runway end



APV Baro-VNAV (including LNAV minima) for both Runway ends



APV Baro-VNAV (including LNAV minima) for single Runway end



RNP APCH LNAV minima only for both Runway ends



RNP APCH LNAV minima only for single Runway end



Non-Precision (VOR or NDB) Approach (For both Runway Ends)



Non-Precision (VOR or NDB) Approach (For single Runway)



Non-Precision (VOR or NDB) Approach (For both Runways/Cat A&B only)



Non-Precision (VOR or NDB) Approach (For single Runways/Cat A&B only)



Standard Instrument Departure per procedure (Conventional or PBN)



Standard Terminal Arrival Route per procedure (Conventional or PBN)


“Charges applicable for review / maintenance of Instrument Flight Procedures will be 60% of the applicable tariff for any new IFP design. This will be applicable only for those IFPs which have been designed by PCAA (FPD Branch)”.

Note 1: In addition, the cost of visit of IFP Designers including air fare and DSA for conceptual design meeting, to conduct physical assessment, if required and during validation phase will be the responsibility of the requesting agency/organization.

Note 2: The fee does not include the flight validation charges of the procedures which will be the responsibility of the requesting agency. Pakistan CAA Flight Calibration Unit may be contacted for such services.

New Islamabad Airport – Segregated Arrival/Departures using PBN
New Islamabad Airport – Segregated Arrival/Departures using PBN

FPD Branch is fully aimed to achieve the vision and mission of PCAA by providing world best IFP design services. Customer feedback is one of the fundamental processes to achieve this objective. It is also a requirement of QMS implemented by FPD branch within its scope. To improve the quality of service to our stakeholders, FPD Branch would appreciate any comments you may have on any IFP published within our scope of work. Feedback on the form CAAF-003-OPPD developed for this purpose may be sent via email, Fax or through post at given address.

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