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Search and Rescue (SAR)

Search and Rescue (SAR)

Search is the operation normally coordinated by a rescue coordination centre or rescue sub-centre using available personnel and facilities to locate persons in distress whereas Rescue is the operation to retrieve persons in distress, provide for their initial medical or other needs, and deliver them to a place of safety.

Each state is responsible for provision of SAR services under the obligations of Chicago convention. In Pakistan, the responsibility has been vested into Pakistan CAA under Rule 76 of Civil Aviation Rules 1994.

The Search and Rescue in Pakistan is provided by interfacing civil and military facilities available to support such operations. The SAR operations are mainly conducted through the support of:

  • Pakistan Air Force (PAF);
  • Pakistan Army;
  • Pakistan Navy;
  • Maritime Security Agency;
  • Pakistan Rangers;
  • Pakistan coast guards;
  • National Disaster Management Authority; and
  • Other Associated Agencies
SAR organization in Pakistan comprising of:
  • Rescue Coordination Centre in each Search and Rescue Region i.e. Karachi and Lahore FIR
  • Rescue sub-centres established at airports
  • COSPAS-SARSAT Local user terminal at ACC JIAP Karachi;
  • Associated Aerial Search and Rescue units;
  • Associated Ground Search and Rescue units; and
  • Alerting posts

Search & Rescue units
Search & Rescue Region and Search & Rescue units

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