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About Air Transport - AT

  • Air Transport had been a Directorate during the days of Department of Civil Aviation
  • Air Transport Directorate was reduced to only one GM under Director Operations when Department of Civil Aviation became an Authority in 1982
  • Air Transport again became a full fledged Directorate in 1994 with 2 GMs, one for Domestic Regulation and the other for International Regulation
  • The Directorate of Economic Regulations was merged with Air Transport Directorate in Jan 2010 and was renamed

Functions of Air Transport & Economic Regulation Directorate

  • Initiates coordination with foreign States subsequent to approval of Government for conclusion / expansion of bilateral Air Services Agreements
  • Makes arrangements for the bilateral Air Services meetings both inland and abroad
  • Coordinates with ICAO, being state letter focal point (SLFOP), on regulatory, operational and technical matters
  • Procures, maintains and distributes ICAO publications within the organization
  • Issues and renews the Air Transport Licenses for RPT, Charter, Aerial Work, Flying Schools and Ground Schools
  • Regulates round the clock scheduled / non scheduled operations of national and foreign airlines
  • Issues and renews certificates to DGR Shippers and Non-Scheduled Flight Permission Agents
  • Issues NOC to Authorized DGR Shippers and flight permissions to Authorized Agents
  • Analyzes operational and financial performance of Airlines periodically
  • Protects consumers from exploitation by suppliers of air transport services

Organizational Structure


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