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Freight Forwarder/Shippers

·         Director General Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority in pursuance of Civil Aviation Ordinance 1960; Civil Aviation Ordinance 1982, Air Navigation Order, Civil Aviation Rules 1994 Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air (ICAO DOC 9284-AN/905) register interested Firms and Companies as an Dangerous Goods Handling Agent / Shipper with CAA Pakistan.


  • An Enterprise or Organization incorporated as Company with SECP and having required knowledge shall be eligible for registration with CAA as DGHA/Shipper.
  • An applicant shall submit an application on-line (after taking ID and Password from AT&ER Directorate Licensing Branch) and also separately on CAA Form CAAF-014-ATNR, duly filled, signed and stamped by Chief Executive (CE) of the Company to DAT & ER along with the following documents:-
  • Covering letter on Company’s letterhead duly signed and stamped by CE of the Company, in which a brief introduction of their business activities shall be given.
  • Handling staff of the Agent must have the required training in the field of DGR from CAA/IATA recognized and approved training centers. At least 2 DGR certified staff at each station/city (attested / notarized copies of their DGR CAT-6 certificate to be attached).
  • Registration processing fee, issue fee and security deposit (refundable) as per ANO-002-ATNR to be deposited in CAA Collection Account No. 0042-79015197-03 Habib Bank Ltd, State Life Branch, Karachi, in cash , Bank Draft or Online Transfers are also acceptable.
  • Notarized and attested copies of CNIC and Photographs of the CE/Directors/Owner of company.
  • Attested and notarized copy of National Tax Number Certificate of organization (NTN).
  • Attested and Notarized copy of Memorandum & Articles of Association and Certificate of Incorporation or any other applicable SECP Forms (Form-29/3/A) of the company duly signed by the Director of the firm and also verified by SECP.
  • DGHA/Shipper IATA  registration certificate (current notarized copy to be attached)
  • Undertaking and Indemnity Bond as per prescribed format by CAA Legal Section.
  • An initial annual/random inspection visit “at no-cost to PCAA” shall be carried out by representatives from AT&ER, to verify the capabilities of Agent for performing Shipper’s responsibilities (at Applicant’s each office from where they intend to perform DG Handling by Air) in accordance with ICAO/IATA Doc 9284, DGR Documentation record preservation and the presence of appropriate DGR trained staff at the agents office.
  • Certificate that DGHA/Shipper would obtain NOC from PNRA before shipment of radioactive material.
  • The Registration on CAA Form CAAF-011-ATNR along with Conditions of the Registration of Dangerous Goods Handling Agent will be issued to DGHA. Handling Agent would be fully responsible for the authenticity of the details submitted for registration and would be liable for penalties under CARs1994 and relevant ANOs, in case of any violation.

Renewal Of Certificate Freight Forwarder/Shippers

            The Certificate is renewable annually on fulfillment of the following Conditions:-

  • A DGHA shall apply online as well as on Company’s letter-head along with CAA Form CAAF-014-ATNR signed by the Chief Executive (CE) of the Company or an authorized person and paid challan of applicable fee as per ANO-002-ATNR addressed to DAT&ER, HQ CAA, Karachi at least 30 days before its expiry. Failing which this the Certificate-holder shall pay a surcharge as per ANO-002-ATNR, in addition to normal renewal fee.
  • No application for renewal of Certificate shall be entertained after expiry of the Certificate unless approval/extension as otherwise granted by the D.AT & ER. The Certificate-holder shall have no right to avail the privileges of the Certificate unless He / She justify such delay to the satisfaction of D.AT & ER. In such delayed cases, the Certificate may be processed for renewal subject to imposition of a late surcharge as prescribed.
  • The Certificate shall stand cancelled / revoked automatically, if the agent does not apply for its further renewal for a year after its date of expiry.


The operator is advised to apprise this Directorate, immediately, in case of any change in company’s ownership / hierarchy / major share holders or in the top management, duly certified by Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan / Joint Registrar of Firm, for updating our record and necessary action.



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