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Ground School Licence

In accordance with Civil Aviation Rules 1994, National Aviation Policy-2019 and Air Navigation Order ANO-001-ATNR, Licence for running Ground School is issued by the Director General, CAA, authorizing a person or an organization to carry out instructions to enable candidates to undertake CAA examinations in the theoretical subjects required to be passed for the issue of the following personnel licences and endorsements issued under Part V of Civil Aviation Rules 1994:-

  • PRIVATE PILOT LICENCE (PPL)(Aero plane /Helicopter)
  • COMMERCIAL PILOT LICENCE (CPL).(Aero plane /Helicopter)
  • AIRLINE TRANSPORT LICENCE (ATPL)(Aero plane /Helicopter)


  • Registration of the Company shall be as Private or Public Ltd under the Companies Ordinance 1984 by SECP.
  • Minimum Paid-up Capital for Ground School Rs.05 Million with documentary proof incorporated with SECP.
  • Foreign investment, if any, is allowed but not more than 49% of the paid up capital, to the extent where the controlling interest remains in local hands.
  • Security deposit for Ground School Licence Rs. 02 Million to be submitted before the grant of License.
  • A sound business plan, registration documents like the Memorandum and Articles of Association, share allocation form duly verified by Securities Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP), Trust Deed, bank references three years projected book of accounts prepared by registered Charter Accountants Firm, and any other documents to the satisfaction of CAA that the airline is a legally established body capable of operating commercial flights. (To be submitted with application for License).
  • Where applicable, evidence of paid-up capital (free of losses) / Equity along with details of foreign investment if any i.e. Bank Statements and Certificates from registered Chartered Accountants Firm / Company. Minimum Equity (net worth) to Assets Ratio should be at least 5%, gradually increasing by at least 1% per annum up to a minimum of 10% over a period of next five years.
  • Security clearance of company in respect of CEO/Owner/Director/Major Share holders shall be mandatory. If any owner / CE / Director(s) are not security cleared or there are serious or adverse observations by the Security / Intelligence Agencies at any stage, the Operator / Company / Individuals concerned shall have to comply with the instructions of the Federal Government / DG CAA. In case of non-compliance within the stipulated time or failure to submit any valid justification in this regard, the licence / AOC shall be liable to suspension / cancellation in accordance with Rules / Regulations / Conditions of Licence.
  • For any shareholding transaction of 51% or more, either singly or in aggregate enabling transfer of controlling interest in a Private Limited Company holding a Licence, prior permission of the DG CAA shall be essential for incorporation in SECP on relevant Forms.
  • The licence shall be issued for a year and is renewable annually.

Employment/Enrolment for Training of Foreign Nationals/Span

·         Foreign nationals shall not be employed, hired or enrolled as trainee, in Ground School, without obtaining permission from the Federal Government/clearance from concerned Security Agencies in accordance with the rules and regulation.

Issues of approval certificate (AC)

·         After the issuance of Ground School License to an operator by DG CAA, it is mandatory that the operator has to obtain an Approval Certificate (AC) within two years of issuance of License. In order to obtain an AC, the operator shall comply with all the requirements of Civil Aviation Regulations and Air Navigation Orders. In this regard, Personnel Licensing Office, HQ CAA is to be consulted.

Renewal of Ground School License

·         The Licence holder (Licensee) shall apply to the Director Air Transport & ER, HQCAA, Karachi, on the Company’s Letterhead for renewal of licence along with applicable renewal fee at least 90 days before expiry of the licence. In case of failure, the licence holder, in addition to the normal fee shall pay a surcharge of Rs 1000/- per month or part thereof. In case of receipt of application for renewal after expiry of the licence, no waiver or extension to the licence shall be granted until approval for extension granted by DG CAA in the National and General Public interest as per ANO.

·         The Licensee is to submit the current annual audited report, duly signed by the Directors / CEO and their authorized chartered accountant firm.

·         The Licensee is to apprise this Directorate, in case of any change in company’s hierarchy/major share-holders or in the top management, duly certified by Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan.

·         On receipt of the application, Air Transport & ER Directorate shall seek comments / no objection of the CAA specialist directorates i.e. Finance, Flight Standards, Airworthiness and Economic Oversight and if applicable / required of Legal directorate.

·         If there are any CAA outstanding (aeronautical / non – aeronautical) dues against the licensee/operator or any other objections, the licensee should clear the same before renewal of the licence unless agreed by the Director General CAA.

·         On receipt of the no objection of the concerned directorates, approval of the Director General shall be sought for approval.

·         On receipt of the approval of the Competent Authority, the renewed licence shall be issued by the AT & ER Directorate.

  • Clearance of CAA outstanding dues

·         According to para 4.3.3 of NAP-2019, “if any operator defaults on outstanding dues for a period equivalent of two (02) Fortnightly Bills, its operation shall be suspended and recovery shall be made from attachment and/or sale of its tangible and intangible assets. In case of non-compliance the onus will lie on the regulator while operators’ security shall be forfeited with markup”.

·         Upon default of two billing cycles, following mechanism shall be adopted for taking appropriate and regulatory action for recovery of CAA dues:-

·         Finance Directorate shall adjust the advance three billing cycles / security deposit against outstanding dues and inform AT&ER Directorate for necessary action.

·         Suspension of flight operations with immediate effect

·         Issuance of Show Cause Notice for personal hearing

·         In case un-satisfactory reply, Suspension of Licence with prior approval of Federal Government.

·         Cancellation of licence and recovery of outstanding dues from attachment and / or sale of its tangible and intangible assets.




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