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Licence for flying training activities is issued by Director General, CAA, in the following categories

  • Class-I
    1. (upto PPL)
  • Class-II
    1. (above PPL)
  • Class-I means Flying School imparting training upto Private Pilot Licence (PPL).
  • Class-II Flying School means imparting training above Private Pilot Licence i.e. Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) and above.
  • Ultra light, sport aircraft, balloon, airships are exempted from Flying School Licence as per ANO 90.0010 of Personnel Licensing Office


  • Registration of the Company Firm under the Companies Ordinance, 1984/ Registrar of Firms.
  • Paid-up Capital as specified by the Director General CAA
  • The latest general purpose annual financial statement signed by an Authorized Accountant in public practice.
  • In case a new Company is to be established, a formal bank accounts to demonstrate the availability of adequate financial resources.
  • A sound operating/business plan, feasibility report, registration documents like the Memorandum and Articles of Association/any applicable document from Registrar of Firm, share allocation form {Form A / Form 3 or any other form prescribed and duly verified by Securities Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP)}, if applicable, trust deed, bank references and any other documents to prove to the satisfaction of CAA that the company is a legally established body capable of operating a flying school.
  • Security deposit of Rs.200,000/- for class-I/II.


  • The applicant will submit a formal application on CAAF-003-ATNR-1.0 along with all requisite documents including processing fee as per AT Fee Schedule to Director Air Transport, CAA for consideration and evaluation.
  • Application received will be scrutinized by Air Transport Directorate, CAA, for acceptance/rejection within 3 days of receipt of the application.
  • Applications once accepted will be processed by Air Transport Directorate, CAA, in consultation with the other concerned directorates of CAA within a period of 10 days.
  • The scrutinized application, if considered to be in order, will be presented to the competent authority, I.e. DG CAA, for approval.
  • Licence will be issued by CAA on approval by the Competent Authority after receipt of security deposit and licence issuance fee as appropriate.


Minimum fleet requirement for flying school operations is two Aircraft. For Instrument Rating, one aircraft shall have ADF/VOR and ILS. For details consult Flight Standards Directorate and Personnel Licensing Office HQ CAA.


For operations with Pakistan registered aircraft, Airworthiness Directorate will issue the Certificate of Registration and Certificate of Airworthiness. For maintenance and certification of aircraft, Director Airworthiness may be consulted for guidance on applicable requirements and procedures.


After the issuance of Flying School Licence to an operator by the Competent Authority, it is a regulatory requirement specified in ANO 91.0001 and AOC Guide CAAD-617 issued by Flight Standards Directorate, the operator is to obtain an AOC within two years of issuance of licence. The operator shall comply with all the requirements of Civil Aviation Regulations.


  • The Licence holder (Licensee) shall apply to the Director Air Transport & ER, HQCAA, Karachi, on the Company’s Letterhead for renewal of licence along with applicable renewal fee as per AT FEE SCHEDULE at least 60 days before expiry of the licence. In case of failure, the holder, in addition to the normal fee shall pay surcharge Rs 1000/- per month or part thereof. In case of receipt of application for renewal after expiry of the licence, no waiver or extension to the licence shall be granted until approval of the Competent Authority is being sought or extension granted by the DG CAA in the National and General Public interest.
  • The Licensee is to submit the current annual audited report, duly signed by the Directors / CEO and their authorized chartered accountant firm along with current Operations Specifications with their aircraft insurance documents in line with the latest Government Gazette Notifications.
  • On receipt of the application, Air Transport & ER Directorate shall seek comments / no objection of the CAA specialist directorates i.e. Finance, Flight Standards and Airworthiness and if applicable / required of Legal directorate.
  • If there are any CAA outstanding (aeronautical / non – aeronautical) dues against the licensee/operator or any other objections, the licensee should clear the same before renewal of the licence unless agreed by the Director General CAA.
  • On receipt of the no objection of the concerned directorates, approval of the Director General shall be sought for approval.
  • On receipt of the approval of the Competent Authority, the licence shall be renewed by the Air Transport & ER Directorate.

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