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Operations - Schedule - Introduction


  • Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority grants approval of schedules to domestic as well as foreign airlines operating to / from Pakistani airports and overflying Pakistan airspace as per agreed bilateral entitlement. Two schedules “Summer and Winter” are approved by Air Transport Directorate, HQ CAA. Representative(s) from Air Transport Directorate CAA Pakistan also attend bi-annual IATA scheduling conferences where provisional approvals of the schedules are granted subject to availability of the slots at the relevant airports.
  • For obtaining approvals, operators shall apply to Director Air Transport via On-line Air Transport Flight Management System (ATFMS) with proposed schedules at least 90 days prior to commencing date.
  • For change in schedule or for extra section flights, operators are to apply to Director Air Transport, HQ CAA which will be granted subject to availability of slots, which may be varied from the requested timings.
  • Flight clearances for schedule online /offline airlines can be obtained through any of the following: :-
    • The airlines can apply to CAA for their schedule clearances directly or through their local office/Registered General Sales Agent (GSA) in Pakistan or
    • Authorized Flight Permission Agents (AFPA) as per Para D3, Section 2 of Civil Aviation Ordinance (CAAO)

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