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Airworthiness FAQs


Q-How to put up queries related to Airworthiness services and functions?
Ans: Any airworthiness related queries may be e-mailed to

Q-How to access PCAA regulations and application forms?
Ans: PCAA regulations and application forms can be accessed under Airworthiness Publications available at PCAA website under the head of Functions>Airworthiness.

Q-What are AW regulations based on?
Ans: International Civil Aviation Organisation Standards and Recommended Practices, Civil Aviation Rules 1994 (available at PCAA website) and SARI (South Asian Regional Initiative) regulations.

Q- What does PCAA require to ascertain the legal status of organization?
Ans: SECP Form 29 for Pakistan based entities/ Certificate of incorporation or similar document for organization based outside Pakistan.

Q-Which PCAA document list down Airworthiness Charges?
Ans: AWNOT-003

Q- Which organizations are required to open Cat ‘A’ account?
Ans: All Pakistan based organizations (operators/ approved organizations).

Q- How does foreign organization deposit AW charges to PCAA?
Ans: Through foreign bank remittances as described in AWNOT-003.

Q-How to provide suggestions on AW regulations?
Ans: Download CAAF-191 from AW publications and e-mail the appropriately filled in form to AW Headquarters at

Organization Approval

Q-Which PCAA documents provide requirements/ procedures related to maintenance organization approval?
Ans: ANO-001, ANO-145,AWN-025,AWNOT-086,AWNOT-087,AWNOT-088,AWNOT-097

Q- Which MROs require PCAA ANO-145 approval?
Ans: Only those MROs which are involved in maintenance of Pak registered large aircraft/ aircraft used for commercial air transport or their components.

Q-With scope of maintenance limited to small aircraft of flying clubs, flying schools and private operators, does organization need ANO-145 approval?
Ans: No, such organization requires ANO-M subpart F approval.

Q-Which PCAA documents provide requirements/ procedures related to continuing airworthiness management organization approval?
Ans: ANO-M, AWNOT-095

Q-Which PCAA regulations provide requirements/ procedures related to maintenance training organization approval?
Ans: ANO-147, AWNOT-093, AWNOT-094

Q-Which PCAA regulations provide requirements/ procedures related to manufacturing organization approval?
Ans: ANO-002

Personnel Licensing

Q-Which PCAA documents provide requirements/ procedures related to licensing of Aircraft Maintenance Personnel?
Ans: ANO-066, AWNOT-081, AWNOT-083, AWNOT-085.

Q- Does PCAA accept EASA approved basic exam certificates for issuance of PCAA ANO-066 AML?
Ans: Yes, if it is conducted at principle place of business.

Aircraft Induction

Q-Which PCAA publications shall I refer to forinduction of aircraft?
Ans: All relevant publications of Airworthiness Directorate,Directorate of Air Transport & Economic Regulation, Directorate of Flight Standards

Q-How to initiate aircraft induction process?
Ans: Airworthiness publication ANO-019 details the aircraft induction requirements and procedures.

Q-Do all aircraft are inducted under ANO-019?
Ans: No, only those aircraft which are type-certifiedand eligible for issuance of COA are required to fulfil ANO-019 requirements. Rest of the aircraft are issued Permit-to-Fly and inducted under ANO-003.

Q-Which PCAA section issues NOC for import or acquisition of aircraft?
Ans: PCAA Airworthiness Directorate.

Q-Which PCAA sectionprocess for security clearance of operators?
Ans: Directorate of Air Transport & Economic Regulationfor all operators except private operators.Security clearance of private operators is processed by PCAA Airworthiness Directorate

Q-Which section is authorized to issue security clearance of operators?
Ans: Aviation Division

Aircraft Certificates

Q- How to figure out if the aircraft is eligible for Certificate of Airworthiness?
Ans: Check out if it is issued with Type Certificate by any regulatory body.

Q- What is authorized designee?
Ans: Any appropriate person (stakeholder/ legal representative/ employee) authorised to perform certain duties (file application forms, communicate to PCAA, perform functions related to PCAA issued certificates) on behalf of someone else; a person, business or institution etc.

Q- Which PCAA documents provide requirements/ procedures related to issuance of onboard certificates?
Ans: Certificate of Regulation- AWNOT-005
Certificate of Airworthiness-ANO-004
Radio Installation Certificate-AWNOT-071
Noise Certificate-AWNOT-062
Reduced Vertical Separation Minima Certificate- ANO-015-FSXX (available under Flight Standards publications)

Q-If aircraft is owned by an organization, can any person act on behalf of the organization for functions pertaining to registration and operation of aircraft?
Ans: Yes, Only if a person authorized by organization’ board of directors (or similar authority) can act on behalf of the organization,for functions pertaining to registration and operation of aircraft.

Q- How does PCAA establish authenticity of documents?
Ans: All documents of legal nature i-e., agreements/ deeds, power of attorneys, letter of authorities, etc. must be execute on legal/ stamp paper, duly notarized/ attested as appropriate. Also CNICs (where required) of Pakistani citizens must be duly attested by gazetted personnel of Govt. of Pakistan.

Aircraft Type Certificate/ Type Acceptance Certificate

Q- Which PCAA document provide requirements/ procedures related to issuance of Type Certificate (TC)/ Type Acceptance Certificate (TAC)?
Ans: ANO-006 and MNL-003-AWRG

Q-What is the difference between Certificate of Type Approval (CTA) and Type Certificate (TC)?
Ans:There is no difference between the two documents. However, different terms are used by different contracting states.

Q-What is a Type Acceptance Certificate?
Ans: Type Acceptance Certificate is a certificate issued on the basis of accepting the Type Certificate issued by another ICAO Contracting State

Q-Does PCAA issue Type Certificate?
Ans: PCAA issues Type Certificate only for aircraft below 5700kg.

Q-What do you mean by ‘PRODUCT’?
Ans: A product can be an aircraft, an aircraft engine, or propeller. In regards to export airworthiness approvals, it includes components and parts of aircraft, of aircraft engines, and of propellers; also parts, materials, and appliances, approved under the Technical Standard Order (TSO) system.

Q-Is it necessary that a designer / manufacturer of a new product should consult PCAA prior to commencement of manufacturing?
Ans: Yes, it is essential that a designer / manufacturer of a new product should consult PCAA prior to commencement of manufacturing to ensure that the design of product he intends to manufacture conforms to approved airworthiness requirements of FAA / EASA or to that design standards acceptable to PCAA.

Q-Can PCAA issues a Type Certificate to a product that has been manufactured abroad?
Ans: TCs are not issued to products that are manufactured abroad. The certificate of type approval and data sheet is issued to only those products that have been manufactured in Pakistan.

Q-After obtaining a Type Certificate for a product manufactured in Pakistan, can I make changes to the basic design of the product?
Ans: The holder of TC may apply for an amendment of the original TC if the change(s) to the type design is not so extensive as to require a new TC and is classified as "major". Refer ANO-006 for details.

Q-Can anyone apply for a Certificate of Type Approval (CTA) amendment?
Ans: No, only a TCholder may apply for a TCamendment.

Q-I am a Type Certificate holder from another ICAO contracting state. Can I apply for a Type Acceptance Certificate?
Ans: Yes you can. PCAA will issue a Type Acceptance Certificate to your product on the basis of accepting the ‘Type Certificate’ that has been issued to you by your State, provided that it meets the requirements mentioned in ANO-006.

Note: These FAQs are guidelines; they cannot be quoted for any official correspondence. For official correspondence, only PCAA current rules and regulations are to be referred.

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