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New Regulations

Implementation of New Standards

PCAA is in the process of implementing EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) based SARI (South Asian Regional Initiative) Regulations in-order to harmonize the local standards with those being followed by EASA. In line with this following ANOs have been approved and subsequently multiple Airworthiness Notices have been issued and are being implemented phase wise:

  • ANO-066-AWRG
  • ANO-145-AWRG
  • ANO-147-AWRG
  • Part M – Under construction
  • Part 21 – Under construction

Organizations seeking ANO-145-AWRG Approval 07
Organizations seeking ANO-147-AWRG Approval 06
AMELs and LWTRs being Converted under ANO-066-AWRG Over 2100 AMELs & Over 2700 LWTRS

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