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Working Criteria of Aerodrome Standards Branch

Aerodrome Inspectors of Aerodrome Standards Branch

A Team comprises of Aerodrome Inspectors of Ops, Civil, E/M and F&S headed by GM. Aerodrome Standards.

  • Approval of Annual schedule for Safety Oversight Audit Visits of Int’l airports and Certification of domestic airports and its dissemination to all concerned at least one month before start of Audit.
  • Dissemination tentative Safety Oversight Audit Programm along with Aerodrome Inspectors to concerned location at least two weeks before start of audit.
  • Conduct of audit by Aerodrome Inspectors with opening and closing meetings.
  • Preparation of audit reports within thirty days indicating Non-Compliances, Observations and Findings.
  • Approval of report from Competent Authority and its dispatch to location for corrective action plan within thirty days.
  • Follow up actions.
  • Surprise visit of locations.

Performance of Aerodrome Standards Branch

Aerodrome Standards Branch has issued the following regulatory documents (Approved by DGCAA):

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