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Introduction of Technical Standards (TS) Branch

The Technical Standards (TS) Branch is responsible for the safety oversight functions in the following areas:

  • Radio Navigation Aids standards
  • Digital Data Communication Systems standards
  • Voice Communication and Com-Ops Systems standards
  • Surveillance Radar Systemsstandards
  • Surveillance Radar Data Processing Systems (ATM) standards
  • Com-Ops Procedures related standards
  • Safe guarding of Aeronautical Radio Frequency Spectrum through respective service providers.

Other Roles & Functions of Technical Standards (TS) Branch are:

  • Develop National regulations by adopting or exceeding from ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) contained in the relevant Annexes to the Convention and file difference, if any on as required basis.
  • Develop, review and promulgate Safety Standards through Air Navigation Orders, Safety Directives and Air Safety Circulars.

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