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ABOUT Flight Inspection Unit (FIU)

Flight Inspection Unit (FIU) of Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority was formed during the early 1960. The idea was primarily conceived to assure self-sufficiency and self-supportiveness in the field of Flight Inspection and Calibration of all the landing, Navigational aids and survey of airports on the inventory of CAA Pakistan. With the passage of time the unit was also given the responsibility of keeping an oversight on all the safety facilities available at the airports.

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During the initial days, FIU was operating DOVE aircraft with basic equipment for flight inspection services, later on it was replaced with a DC-3 with the similar system.

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As time rolled on, expertise of our Flight Inspection team and advancements in the field of Flight Inspection ensued. The rapid change in the arena demanded CAA to bring in system improvement. This led to the induction of Beech Super King 200 in year 1977. The aircraft was equipped with Semi Automatic Flight Inspection System (SAFIS). To remain in pace with the modern demands and safety standards a constant update of the SAFIS was maintained. By late eighties, FIU had stretched its services outside the national boundaries.

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Nonetheless, turn of the millennium demanded revamping of the existing FIS because of quantum jump in the air traffic density and influx of high precision landing aids. To sustain the trust of our client and maintain a creditable marketing strategy FIU, CAA went for acquisition of a top of the line Automatic Flight Inspection System. The Beech aircraft was retrofitted with the latest Normarc Flight Inspection system in 2002. Our marketing strategy and customer satisfaction & support facilitated us to carry out Flight Inspection and Calibration in many countries.

Keeping in view the customers faith in us and our marketing potentials CAA has set a new landmark by acquiring two new Beech Super King 200s with Proline-21 cockpit and geared it up with the latest top of the line Flight Inspection & Calibration System from Aerodata, Germany. Mid of 2008 would be the time for FIU to rejoice the trust, confidence and value sharing of all it clients and those to join in the future by Operationally inducting the two new Super kings.


We are proud to be among the few world’s most experienced Flight Inspection Service providers. Our history of more than 50 years into this field speaks of our improvements and continues growth. With the help of our valued customers and stakeholder we look forward to induct more aircraft, including jets, establish a school for certification of Flight Inspection Pilots and Flight Inspectors and much more.

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