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After the issuance of an Airline License to an operator by the Federal Government of Pakistan, it is a regulatory requirement to obtain an Air Operator Certificate (AOC). The operator shall comply with all the requirements of Civil Aviation Regulations, and ensure that:-

  • The applicant has demonstrated that his Equipment, Ground Handling, Organization Staffing and Training Programmed are adequate to secure the safe operation of the types of aircraft to be included in the AOC
  • The applicant can establish and maintain a satisfactory method of supervision of the Flight Operation.
  • The aircraft are provided with servicing and maintenance facility and a system of maintenance control is established.
  • The management structure is appropriate and personnel selected by the operator for specified management positions have required experience and qualification.
  • Manuals have been prepared in advance which describe in detail how company personnel are required to carry out their duties.
  • Aircraft meet the appropriate standards and have been proven in flight to be acceptable to the operation proposed
The operator shall be issued with the following type of AOC for Commercial Operations Airline, Charter, and Aerial Work after the successful demonstration of the regulatory requirements to CAA.

Once certificated, the operator is responsible for ongoing compliance with the requirements of relevant legislation. The CAA is required to continually monitor the operation to ensure compliance. Failure by the operator to comply may result in suspension or cancellation of the AOC.


There are certain conditions and limitations attached to the AOC which are named as Operations Specifications.

Operations Specifications are issued using the subject matter for each part as follows:

  1. General Provisions
  2. En-route Authorizations Limitations
  3. Aerodrome Authorization and Limitations
  4. Aircraft Maintenance
  5. Mass Balance
  6. Interchange Of Equipment Operations
  7. Aircraft Leasing Operations
Within each of the parts outlined above, there are standard and non-standard (operator specific) paragraphs that have been or will be developed either by an operator or the CAA to govern different aspects of operations as required.

Only those parts that apply to a particular operator will be issued to that operator. Any additional requirements contemplated by an operator may be authorized through the operator amendment procedures outlined herein. The final decision as to that part of paragraph does or does not apply or the specific language in that part or paragraph shall be the Director General's decision.

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