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Fee Schedule (Flight Standards Directorate)

  1. Fee Schedule/ Service charges cater for the functional expense incurred by the Authority and is based on the nature of task to be performed and man-hour involved in discharge of the service or the function.
  2. The Schedule provided herein pertains to certification activities carried out by Flight Standards Directorate. These activities include field inspections, Reviews, audits, proficiency checks/tests, approvals, issuance of certification documents and any other regulatory function performed by Flight Standards Directorate.
    1. The service charges/Fee Schedule (from the operator point of view) is based on:
      1. No delay or interruptions during the activity;
      2. An average size of fleet; and
      3. Operator’s Main Base only (no operating ports).
    2. The Operator shall be charged for utilization of any additional time of the PCAA (at the rate of Rs.2,400/Hr.) which could be due to:
      1. Delays/interruptions by the operator;
      2. The size of the fleet;
      3. Larger Size of the main base; and/or
      4. Various number of Operating ports to be inspected.
    3. Authorized representative of the operator seeking objective based meetings with DFS and FOIs pertaining to their operational matters, shall be charged @ Rs.3,600/- per meeting (for maximum time of one hour) and if the session continues, further time taken shall be reckoned @ Rs.50/- per minute till the meeting is called off. Total man-hour involved in the meeting shall be recorded on prescribed proforma (Appendix "L") duly signed by the operator, DFS or FOI as documentary evidence for deduction of the amount from the operator’s account. Meetings called on by DFS for any inquiry / investigation / clarification are excluded.
    4. An additional 75% charges for each activity shall be payable to PCAA by all those operators operating with wet leased aircraft.
    5. The service charges for the inspections and/or approvals are applicable to the base of Inspectors only. An operator or person as applicable shall also pay the additional expenses, such as accommodation, transportation, communications and daily allowance compatible with major National Air Carrier while any such service is required to be performed out of the base of Inspectors.
  3. The fee/charges against any activity/document shall be non-refundable. An inspection / activity resulting in unsatisfactory result/report shall require a re-inspection / check for which the operator shall have to deposit the requisite service charges in accordance with this schedule.
  4. The prescribed service charges against each service/activity/document are to be deposited in Pak Rupees and shall be payable in the following Account Number. An original slip of the same is to be attached with letter / application for the requested service / activity:

    "PCAA Collection Account No.2561-8 (CAT-C), National Bank of Pakistan".

    Note: In this Schedule, "Approval" means Check, inspection and/or review for the purpose of Approval, and the result of which may be satisfactory or otherwise.

Air Operator Certificate

RPT/Aerial work & Charter Ops. of weight Cat. 5700 kgs and more Charges (PKR)
AOC Pre-application Briefing/meeting 12,000
AOC Inspection (Initial Issue) - (Administrative/operational facilities and aircraft) 72,000
AOC Re-Inspection (Within the agreed time after initial inspection and for those areas which were unsatisfactory in initial inspection) 18,000
AOC Renewal Inspection 42,000
Aerial work & Charter Ops. of weight Cat. Below 5700 kgs Charges (PKR)
AOC Pre-application Briefing/meeting 6,000
AOC Inspection (Initial Issue) - (Administrative/operational facilities and aircraft) 12,000
AOC Re-Inspection (Within the agreed time after initial inspection and for those areas which were unsatisfactory in initial inspection) 4,800
AOC Renewal Inspection 8,400


RPT Operations Aerial work & Charter Ops. With weight Cat. 5700 kgs and more Aerial work & Charter Ops. With weight Cat. Below 5700 kgs
Parts Of Operations Manual Charges
Part A - General/Basic All non type-related operational policies, instructions and procedures. 24,000
Part B - Aircraft Operating Matters including Wt. & Balance, MELs and Cabin Crew SEP 21,600
Part C - Route and Aerodrome Instructions and Information including AIP and Route Manuals NIL
Part D - Training including all training policy, syllabi and instructions for all personnel 14,400
Total 60,000 42,000 12,000
Note: Additional Rs. 5000/- for RPT and Rs. 3,000/- for Aerial Work and Charter of both Categories shall be charged for Approval of MEL of each additional Type of Aircraft.


Review of each additional Manual 6,000 4,200 2,400
Repeat Review of any part of Operations Manual 6,000 4,200 2,400
Each Amendment to Operations Specifications 3,600 2,400 1,200
Each additional Aerial Work Rating - 3,000 1,800


Syllabus 6,000 4,200 1,800
Trg. aid/equipment 6,000 4,200 1,800


Activity Charges (PKR)
Evacuation Drill 7,200
Ditching Drill 8,400
Fire Drill 3,600
Any other Activity 3,600


  1. Proving test/flight for initial certification of an operator shall be flown through min. of two sectors. Depending upon the quantum of operation and the short falls; the proving test may require a series of flights.
  2. Validation flights may be required for validation of certain approvals like ETOPs, New route, new destination, and major change in aircraft and/or operations.
Aircraft Proving Test and Validation Flight Type Charges (PKR)
Proving Test for Operator’s initial certification 7,200
Proving test for an aircraft of a type, new to an operator 7,200
Validation Flight 7,200
Aircraft Inspection 20,000


Activity/Approval Initial Charges Renewal Charges
DCP "A" Check 9,600 6,000
DCP "B" Check 9,600 6,000
DCFE "A" Check 9,600 6,000
DCFE "B" Check 9,600 6,000
CFI/CP 9,600 6,000
Key Appointments 9,600 6,000
Leading Cabin Crew (LCC) 6,000 3,600
Designated Check Cabin Crew (DCCC) 6,000 4,800
Ground Instructor (Operations) 7,200 6,000
Cabin Crew (CC) Check 6,000 3,600


Proficiency Check Charges (PKR)
Captain 9,600
First Officer /Co-pilot 9,600
Flight Engineer 9,600
Route Check
Captain 9,600
First Officer /Co-pilot 9,600
Flight Engineer 9,600


  1. The operator/individual shall pay the additional charges equal to the extra time prior to the approval of the said check if:
    1. The flight time of a PPC/FEPC exceeds 02 Hrs.
    2. The flight time of a Route Check (min. two sectors) exceeds 03 Hrs.
    3. An oral test is held under the requirements of the Rules.
  2. The charges for PPC/FEPC shall be reduced for 20% if the check is conducted in simulator.
  3. For Flight/Simulator Check, the operator/individual shall manage the availability of Aircraft / Simulator and shall pay all charges incurred thereby.


Approval of Simulator Qualification Charges (PKR)
Initial / Upgrade Qualification 48,000
Recurrent Evaluation 24,000
Recurrent (under OTP) each 12,000
Recurrent (Extended interval) each 12,000
Validation of an Approved Simulator Charges (PKR)
For a particular qualification of an Operator's crew 12,000
After Modification Of Simulators 12,000
After shifting the Simulator to new location 18,000
With new owner/operator 24,000
After removal from qualification status(for less than a year) 24,000


The Certification covers the aviation training centres other than those covered in Part VI of CARs 94 (Rule 53,54 for PPL & CPL)

Aviation Training Centres Charges (PKR)
Initial Approval 48,000
Recurrent Approval 36,000
Additional Classroom Approval 3,000

Satellite Training Centre Charges (PKR)
Initial Approval 24,000
Recurrent Approval 12,000


Document/Publication Charges (PKR)
Air Navigation Order (Each ANO) 360
Air Safety Circular (Each ASC) 360
AOC Guide (PCAAD-617) 6,000
DCP/DCFE Manual 6,000
Patter Book 600
BFT Manual (PCAAD-625) 1,200
Flt. Ops. Inspector Manual (PCAAD-624) (Issued to PCAA Flight Inspectors only)
Civil Aviation Rules 1994 (Provided by Legal Directorate HQPCAA on Prescribed Rate.
Note: Flight Standards Directorate does not sell any publication. However, provision of the above publication may be made upon request.


Operations and traffic facilities Initial Charges (PKR) Renewal Charges (PKR)
Main base Inspection 24,000 14,400
Station Inspection 18,000 14,400

Training Centre Initial Charges (PKR) Renewal Charges (PKR)
Main Training Centre 24,000 14,400
Satellite Training Centre 9,600 7,200
Approval of Ground Instructor 7,200 6,000
Approval of Training Program (Syllabi) 6,000 6,000
Note: Training centers and ground instructor approval shall pertain to operation related subjects only.

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