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Initially an industrial home / vocational training centre at Karachi Airport was established in 1960 for spouse / female and children of the employees of the then defunct department of Civil Aviation.

After inception of Civil Aviation Authority in 1982, besides starting numerous activities and facilities at the organizational level by the then management, Civil Aviation Authority Women’s Association (CAAWA) was also formed. Mrs. Nasim Mirza, wife of Air Marshal Khurshid Anwar Mirza the founder Director General of Civil Aviation Authority, was the 1st Chairperson of CAAWA. In 1984, Idara-e-Hunro Danish (the then Industrial Home) was formally reactivated.

Civil Aviation Authority Women Association (CAAWA)

  • Established in 1984, Begum Khursheed Anwar Mirza was the first Chairperson
  • MRs DGCAA (Present) is the Head / Chairperson
  • DGCAA visited the IDARA on 13th April, 2015 (after the visit, DGCAA made lots of improvements)
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