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ANOs - Personnel Licensing

The ANO’s on Personnel Licensing Section of PCAA’s Website are controlled document, when downloaded and copied the document will be considered as Uncontrolled Copy.

All persons intending to work in the fields as listed below should strictly comply with their respective ANO’s.

Instructions and Guidelines

  1. CAA Technical Examination (Instructions and Guidelines for Candidates)
  2. Letter Restoration of FCL exams
    Issue Dated 03th March 2022
  3. PCAA eExams (FCL) Information Notice
    Issue Dated 24th March 2023
  4. Letter Issuance of pending new FCL-FOO Licences
  5. Learning Objectives for PPL
  6. Revised Learning Objectives for CPL/MPL/ATPL
  7. Insrument Rating - LOs
    Issue Dated 23 June 2022
  8. Policy on Partial Credit for transition to New FOO Examination
  9. Establishment of Personnel licencing Exam Centre at Islamabad
  10. PCAA Information Notice 05-2023 Timeframe & Resit restrictions FCL exams
    Issue Dated 14 July 2023

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