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The fee charged on account of services rendered by the Licensing Authority is a standard worldwide practice. These services charges are developed keeping in view the nature of task to be performed and man-hours involved in discharge of assigned functions commensurate with the seniority and privileges of the License, Certificate, Rating, Category or an Endorsement. The service charges are considered necessary in order to defray some of the functional expenses CAA being a financially self-sustaining organization.

The applicable fee schedule for Personnel Licencing is provided in ANO-021-LCXX-3.0 for the examinations conducted and the Licensing actions carried out by the Personnel Licensing Directorate. The fee Schedule for the field inspections/Audits, skill tests/checks or any other regulatory function performed in the field shall be in accordance with the prescribed regulations issued by the Flight Standards Directorate and Airworthiness Directorates.

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