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The responsible office for issuance, revalidation and renewal of Personnel licences / ratings is Director Personnel Licencing on behalf of Director General, Civil Aviation Authority. The responsibilities of Personnel Licencing Directorate are to:

    1. Assess an applicant’s qualifications to hold a licence or rating;
    2. Issue, revalidate and renew licences / certificates and endorse ratings;
    3. Designate and authorize approved persons;
    4. Issue approval to Approved Training Organizations and Approved Trainings to be conducted in such organizations;
    5. Approve the use of synthetic flight trainers and authorization for their use in gaining the experience or in demonstrating the skill required for the issue of a licence or rating;
    6. Constitution and approval of Medical board;
    7. Assess and approve accredited medical conclusion;
    8. Validate licences issued by other Contracting States;
    9. Conduct safety oversight of organizations to ensure compliance of regulations.

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