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The Examination Branch of the Licensing Office conducts the under mentioned CAA Technical examinations:
Rating Examination
Flight Radio Telephone Operator Licence FRTOL - 1
Private Pilot Licence (PPL) PPL-1 & PPL-H
PPL Re-validation PPL-R
Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) CPL-1 CPL-2, CPL-H
CPL Re-validation CPL-R
IR (Instrument Rating) IR-1
IR Re-validation IR-R
Airline Transport Pilot Licence(ATPL) ATPL-1, ATPL 2, ATPL-H
ATPL Re-validation ATPL-R
Flight Instructor Rating (FI) FI-1
Balloon Pilot Licence (BPL) BPL-1
BPL Re-validation BPL-R
Flight Engineer Licence (FEL) FE-1
FEL Revalidation FE-R
Flight Operations Officer Licence FOO-1, FOO-2 & FOO-3
FOO Revalidation FOO-R
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Licence (AME-LWTR) AME-LWTR-1 (Airframe)
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Licence (AME-LWTR) AME-LWTR-2 (Engine)
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Licence (AME-LWTR) AME-LWTR-3 (Electrical)
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Licence (AME-LWTR) AME-LWTR-4 (Instruments)
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Licence (AME-LWTR) AME-LWTR–5 (Comm. /Nav.)
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Licence (AME-LWTR) AME-LWTR-6 (Radar)
AME (Type Authorization) Conducted by Airworthiness Directorate
AME (Type Authorization) Conducted by Airworthiness Directorate
Air Traffic Controller Licence ATC-1 (Annex 3,5,10,14 & 15)
Air Traffic Controller Licence ATC-2 (Annex 2,6,11& Doc 4444)
Air ATC Ratings ATCR-1 (Aerodrome Control Rating)
Air ATC Ratings ATCR-2 (Approach Control Rating)
Air ATC Ratings ATCR-3 (Approach Radar Control Rating)
Air ATC Ratings ATCR-4 (App. Precision Radar Cont. Rating)
Air ATC Ratings ATCR-5 (Area Control Rating)
Air ATC Ratings ATCR-6.(Area Radar Control Rating)
ATC Re-validation ATC-R
Glider Pilot Licence GPL-1
GPL Revalidation GPL-R
Cabin Competency Cabin-1 (General)
Cabin Competency Cabin-2 (Type)
Cabin Competency Revalidation Cabin- R
Validation Certificate VAL-1 VAL-1
Microlight Competency Certificate(MCC) MCC-1 (Issue)
MCC Revalidation MCC-R
Agriculture Rating AG-1
Tow Rating Tow-1
Type Technical TT-1 (Below 5700 kgs)
Type Technical TT-2 (Above 5700 kgs)
Approved Person AP-1
The rules governing the CAA Technical Examinations of Aircraft Pilots, Flight Engineers, Aircraft Maintenance Engineers, Air Traffic Controllers, Glider Pilots, Balloon pilots, Pilots of Uncertified Flying Machines, Cabin Attendants, Flight Radio Telephony Operator Licence, Flight Operations Officers Licence, Ratings, Type Endorsements, Validation Certificates, Conduct of Examinations etc are given in: ANO-002-XXLC-2.0

Examination Schedule 2020 (January - June)
Examination Schedule 2019 (July - December)
Examination Schedule 2019 (January - June)
Application Form for Technical Examination (CAAF-200-RGLC-1.0)

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