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The CAA Licensing Policy is as follows:
  • Conform to the Chicago Convention
  • Adhere to Annex 1 Standards & Recommended Practices
  • Attempt to closely adhere to the ICAO guidance material
  • Attempt to closely adhere to the relevant safety related practices
  • Licences from the contracting states will be rendered valid for a short duration and for specific purposes after having been duly verified from the Issuing Office. Validation Certificate will be issued subject to a Validation Examinations and other requirements specified in the regulations. Where a Pakistan registered aircraft is to be operated, a Validation Certificate will be issued
  • In special cases and in the national interest, only Restricted Licences may be issued up to CPL, always one category lower, on basis of a foreign licence subject to due verification from the issuing office; and appropriate restriction endorsed
  • Experience gained in a contracting state or military experience may be accepted to the extent of flying hours subject to a due verification. All other requirements for the issuance of a Licence or Certificate shall be met in accordance with CAA Regulations

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