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Compensation & Benefits

Earlier the function of compensation and benefits was performed by different sections of HR, however in 2013; a new branch of Compensation & Benefits was added in HR with the aim to carry out all activities of compensation and benefits under one roof. Presently, the branch is in its development stage and will take up the complete pay roll management later this year. Compensation & Benefits is divided into following sub branches or sections:-

  1. Compensation
    It deals with all types of allowances which are being given to CAA employees.

  2. Benefits
    It deals with the different types of benefits which are extended to employees on joining the organization as well as on their promotion.

  3. Welfare
    It deals with the welfare of employees with the aim to provide maximum facilities to the employees in order to improve their working condition, provide social security and raise their standards of living.

  4. Pension
    It deals with all type of pension cases of all employees of CAA.

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