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Information Technology

Role and Functions

The role of IT branch is to support and collaborate with other functions of CAA in order to enable and facilitate them in their working through the latest IT based systems and software technologies. It is with the aided support of IT branch that the smooth and timely execution of the daily chores takes place and consequently the functional equilibrium of the organization is maintained.

The IT branch has taken many endeavors such as automation of the different functions of the organization, particularly the HR and Finance. The IT Business support service is also responsible for the IT infrastructure development through LAN/ WAN connectivity and implementation of different hardware and high end servers.

The main functions/ services of CAA’s IT branch are:

  • Planning for strategic and tactical IT/ IS initiatives and projects
  • Development of IT/ IS policies, standards and procedures
  • Installation, development, enhancement, maintenance and administration of software(s)
  • Establishment and administration of databases
  • Integration and implementation of hardware and software systems
  • Administration of security access
  • Administration & support of ERP Oracle Applications/ Modules

Present Challenges

Briefly, the challenges can be laid out in the following priority:-

  1. Automization & Integration of Airport Operations - IT automation of airport operations management that would allow managing operations from one or several points using a unique integrated network system. A centralized location for all operational information generated manually or automatically by external parties, the system would cater for all airport data including “real time” and history-based information for every stakeholder at the airport.
  2. IT Modernization - IT modernization represents the changes that every organization must face as the generations of technology, skills and expectations are inevitably replaced by the next ones. Therefore CAA must begin to prepare for the inevitable impact this will have.


To create a self-reliant knowledge based IT culture thereby helping the organization in achieving its strategic objectives, goals and targets.


To provide reliable, professional, scalable online business software solutions for all functions of the CAA.

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