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Organizational Development & Talent Management

From hiring of employees to their training & development and career progression in the organization, all fall within the ambit of responsibilities of Organizational Development & Talent Management. It is divided into following sub branches or sections:-

  1. Recruitment & Selection
    It deals with the announcement of vacancy to final hiring of employee. Recently, CAA has taken a step to outsource the noncore labor which is also being performed by this section.

  2. Training & Development
    Training and Development plays its role in building the capacity and developing the skills of employees in order to prepare them to meet future challenges. Employees are sent on soft skill and technical skill trainings conducted by different inland & foreign training institutes as well as programs conducted by CATI. Concept of In-house training has also been introduced in recent years.

  3. Career Planning and Reward & Recognition
    Career progression of employees is looked after by Career Planning and Reward & Recognition section. After the restructuring of the organization, in 2007 the philosophy of Performance Management System was introduced which replaced the old Annual Confidential Report system. Efforts are being made to align the individual performance with the organizational objectives. Reward and recognition mechanism is also being improved and concept of performance based rewards is being worked out for implementation.

  4. Organizational Development
    To achieve the objectives of HR, a new section of Organizational Development was introduced in 2013. Organizational Development is making efforts to increase CAA’s effectiveness to enable it to achieve its strategic goals. It is also working to promote organizational readiness to meet change by intending to change the basics of beliefs, attitudes and relevance of values, and structure of the current organization to better take up the challenges of ever changing aviation industry.

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