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About HR

HR Directorate is concerned with policies and practices which relates to the workforce of the organization.

Roles of HR

The core activities that HR Directorate carries out are Recruitment & Selection, Training & Development, Career Planning & Performance Management, Employees Relations, Rewards & Recognition, Medical Management and Compensation & Benefits of employees. Recently, Information Technology has also been made part of HR with the aim to automate, digitalize and develop information systems throughout CAA. Focus towards Organizational Development is being given by strengthening the functions of Strategic Management and Planning & Change Management so that the change process can be effectively implemented. Apart from all the stated core HR activities, HR Directorate also performs the role of CSR and manages activities like CAA Schools, vocational training institute by the name of Idara-e-Hunar O Danish, etc.

Civil Aviation Authority performs diversified functions; therefore a diversified workforce is required to manage all activities. Qualified workforce is hired through open advertisement and is provided basic training at Civil Aviation Training Institute located at Hyderabad. Besides the basic training, all employees are regularly trained to enhance their technical and other skills which are required to perform job effectively. The mechanism of performance management is also being implemented to measure and improve the performance of employees.

HR Directorate is focused to transform the culture of the organization i.e. changing the administrative mind set of employees to HR and technology oriented. This cultural transition will be achieved with the passage of time; however to achieve this, HR team comprising of young, talented HR specialists are inducted in the organization in order to provide the right mix of knowledge and experience required by the organization. HR directorate is also making efforts to achieve International Management System Standards for ensuring a continually improving system which can meet the present and future challenges.


To transform HR Directorate of Pakistan CAA in to one of the leading HR role models in the aviation industry, besides playing the role of a strategic partner in the continual improvement of CAA.

Core Functions / Branches

  1. Organizational Development & Talent Management
  2. Personnel Management
  3. Compensation & Benefits
  4. Medical Services
  5. Business Support Services
  6. Strategic Management & Research

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