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HR Road Map

    1. To transform HR Directorate of Pakistan CAA into one of the leading HR Model in the aviation industry. Efforts shall be made to transform HR Directorate as a strategic partner in the continual improvement of CAA.

  2. SCOPE
    1. This Plan shall be applicable to all functions of Human Resource.

    1. Top Management shall provide necessary commitment needed to implement this plan.
    2. Chief HR shall be responsible for ensuring effective implementation of this plan and to ensure that its benefits get entrenched down the line for overall improvement.
    3. A team of HR Managers nominated by Chief HR shall be assigned dedicated duties / process ownership for implementation of this plan.
    4. All CAA functions shall be involved in the process for successful implementation. All Principal Directors, Directors, General Managers, Airport Managers, COOs and Sectional Heads shall be responsible to execute their roles as identified during the process.
    5. All CAA functions shall be responsible to adhere to the timelines as communicated on case to case basis.
    6. Any co-opted member engaged for particular tasks shall extend all necessary support with core team for effective implementation.
    7. IT shall play a pivotal role for ensuring all resources / expertise with regard to automation, digitalization and development of information systems.
    8. Planning & Change Management (P&CM) Team with GM Strategic Management & Research as the focal point duly assisted by Cross Functional Teams (CFTs) shall play a pivotal role to achieve the organizational transformation as envisaged by extending full support to the HR initiatives.

    1. This HR Plan is based on the following four tracks identified during the restructuring process to achieve Organizational Transformation.
      1. Structure / Strategy
      2. Culture
      3. Skills
      4. Reward & Recognition

    2. All different functions related to Human Resource Directorate shall be simultaneously addressed depending upon the priority. Various HR functions are outlined as follows:
      1. Recruitment, Selection and Placement
      2. Training & Development
      3. Performance Management
      4. Career Progression / Planning
      5. Talent Management / Succession Planning
      6. Employee Relations (including Industrial Relations)
      7. Document & Record Management
      8. Compensation & Benefits (including Pension)
      9. Strategic Management & Research
      10. Administration (Business Support)

    3. HR Directorate would endeavour to achieve International Management System standards coupled with a robust Human Resource Information System (HRIS) for ensuring a continually improving system which can meet the present and future challenges.

    1. This HR Plan shall be implemented in a phased approach. However, simultaneous focus on all HR activities would be ensured.

    1. The under mentioned activities shall be performed in phases, however, efforts would be made to ensure simultaneous focus on all of these activities.
      1. HR shall align its plans with those of entire organization to develop and improve the organizational culture in which employees get groomed and developed.
      2. Revival of CAA Ethics Committee and Introduction of Ethics Management Program.
      3. Identification of different trades / branches, their inter-linkages and career paths.
      4. The Strategic Management and Research function would be reinvigorated through revival of Planning & Change Management Team in order to involve all functions of CAA in the HR improvement process.
      5. Emphasis on Occupational Health & Safety and Corporate Social Responsibility.
      6. Obtaining International Management System standards certification for HR Directorate.
      7. Complete review of organizational establishment / structure based on workload study and career mapping would be carried out followed by an independent audit. The review would be linked with the Strategic Vision, Business Strategy and Operational Strategy.
      8. Strong emphasis on Training Needs Analysis (TNA) and Learning & Talent Development initiatives would be laid.
      9. Review of CAA Service Regulations in light of HR Best Practices.
      10. An independent HR Performance Audit would be conducted through firms specializing in Human Resource Management.
      11. Review of Manual for Delegation of Financial and Administrative Powers.
      12. Identification of competencies and finalization of Job Descriptions (JDs).
      13. Manpower planning will be carried out in consideration of the present and future needs of the organization as well as future trends, skills and attitudes requirement of CAA.
      14. Employee manual would be developed (including CAA Orientation Program)
      15. Integration of payroll, GP fund and pension activities under one Directorate preferably HR through a consultative process.
      16. Determination of number of sections at the airports / locations and mechanism of standardized duty roaster would be carried out.
      17. Emphasis on issues identified through the Employees Suggestion System would be reinvigorated.
      18. Office layout, work flow planning and effective space utilization.
      19. Effective management of CA Club, Schools, sports activities, Idara-e Hunro Danish and residential area.
      20. Revival of biometric system and improve the attendance management system of the organization.
      21. Proper messing, boarding and lodging facilities for CAA officers and staff.
      22. Undertake measures for cost effective medical management without compromising on the quality of service. Medical Centres and Medical Inspection Rooms at all locations would be required to meet the minimum acceptable hygienic / cleanliness standards alongwith availability of required medical facilities / aids. Efforts shall also be made to explore Health / Medical Insurance.
      23. Gradually plan for outsourcing of non core functions where unskilled or semi skilled workers from the market are available.
      24. Recently upgraded supporting staff to be adjusted against vacancies in the approved establishment through a proper process.
      25. Completion of Re-mustering process by ensuring transparency.
      26. Reward and recognition policy to be linked with performance measures by identifying monitory and non-monitory measures. Levels of rewards to be also identified.
      27. Extend maximum possible assistance to CATI for enhancing training standards.
      28. Transform CAA into a Learning Organization with Talent Management Initiatives. Nurture a culture of sharing.
      29. Identify each job tasks and their required skill level. Technical and Soft skills trainings would be identified for each position / trade / job keeping in view the career mapping of employees.
      30. Devise a Comprehensive Annual Training Plan / Program for Inland, CATI and Foreign Trainings.
      31. Engage qualified and professional trainers and instructors available in local and international market. Utilization of services of retired quality human resource (ex CAA officials) for training and other purposes.
      32. Enhance skills through trainings. Successful completion of Tests/ Courses/ Certification/ Training/ Exam shall be mandatory for promotion / career progression for each pay group.
      33. Considerable enhancement in the Training Budget from next financial year onwards.
      34. Purification of records, ensuring maintaining their sanctity and effective & efficient management of documents and records along with automation. Documents & Records should be clearly identifiable, accessible, traceable and retrievable.
      35. Simplification of procedures/ processes through elimination of non-value added steps.
      36. Policy and Procedures should be devised for all matters pertaining to employee grievances and relations.
      37. Proper procedures need to be developed to address retainership, deputation, contract, and work charge cases etc.
      38. Online HR newsletters to be issued about HR activities. Share success stories, celebrate achievements, develop and nurture culture of appreciation and healthy competition.
      39. Grievance management system would be improved and employees’ counseling shall also be ensured.
      40. Introduction, implementation and sustainability of Human Resource Information System (HRIS)

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