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In order to achieve its production objectives, the management of any aviation organization requires the management of many business processes. Managing safety is one such business process. Safety management is a core business function just as financial management, HR management, etc. There is no aviation organization that has been created to deliver only safety. This brings about a potential dilemma for management of Safety Culture is not an end itself, but a means to achieve an essential management prerequisite. Safety management can be defined as:

“The reduction of risk to a level that is as low as is reasonably practicable.”

SMS provides a systematic way to identify hazards and control risks while maintaining assurance that these risk controls are effective. SMS is implemented in Air Traffic Services and at Aerodromes based upon following ICAO Framework:


  1. Safety Policy and Objectives
    • Management commitment and responsibility
    • Safety accountabilities
    • Appointment of key safety personnel
    • Coordination of emergency response planning
    • SMS documentation
  2. Safety Risk Management
    • Hazard identification
    • Risk assessment and mitigation
  3. Safety assurance
    • Safety performance monitoring and measurement
    • The management of change
    • Continuous improvement of the SMS
  4. Safety Promotion
    • Training and education
    • Safety communication

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