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Annex -17

Annex - 17 is about safeguarding civil aviation against acts of unlawful interference. It consists of 5 chapters which provide international standards and recommendations regarding aviation security to keep all the airports and personnel protected.



Annex - 9 discusses the facilitation services for the ease of passengers. Its relevant from aviation security's point of view because it contains certain security related standards regarding travel documents of passengers.



Annex-18 is about the safe transport of dangerous goods by air. The technical standards and methodology is described in detail and the compliance to these standards and national regulations comes also under the purview of security directorate.

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Doc 8973

Doc 8973 is a detailed document which provides guidance material to all the ICAO member states in achieving aviation security standards as described in Annex-17.


Doc 9807

Universal Audit Security Programme Continuous Monitoring Approach (USAP-CMA) provides states guidance to all the stakeholders involved in audit in planning, preparation, conducting and reporting of USAP-CMA activities. It tells how states can comply with the SARPs of Annex 17 and Annex-9 security related provisions. USAP-CMA is instrumental in identifying aviation security concerns and providing recommendations for their resolution. USAP-CMA is efficient, long-term sustainable and cost effective, and incorporates risk-management elements specific to aviation security.

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Doc 10047

Doc 10047 is the aviation security oversight manual that has been designed to emphasize the obligations and responsibilities of an ICAO Contracting State for the oversight of its national civil aviation security system, through the establishment and management of a civil aviation security oversight system, and to provide information and guidance for government decision makers in that regard.

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Doc 9957

Doc 9957 is the facilitation manual which is the guidance material to Annex-9. It describes in detail about the standards and procedures to implement in the aviation security system.

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UN Resolution 2309

United Nation's Security Council Resolution 2309 on aviation security is to ensure the security and safety of global air travel and stresses the need to strengthen security measures and information among all stakeholders involved in aviation security.

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