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Prohibited Items for Passengers on All Flights

  1. Guns, firearms and other devices designed to cause serious injury by launching harmful objects or items that could be mistaken for such a device, including:
    • Firearms of all types, including pistols, revolvers, rifles, shotguns
    • Toy, replica and imitation weapons that could be mistaken for real weapons
    • Parts of firearms (excluding telescopic sights)
    • Compressed air and CO2 guns, including pistols pellet guns, rifles and ball bearing guns
    • Signal flare pistols and starter pistols
    • Bows, cross bows and arrows
    • Harpoon guns and spear guns
    • Slingshots and catapults
  2. Devices designed to stun or immobilise, including:
    • Devices for shocking, such as stun guns (e.g. tasers) and stun batons
    • Animal stunners
    • Chemicals, gases and sprays such as mace, pepper spray or capsicum spray, tear gas, acid sprays and animal repellent sprays
  3. Objects with sharp points or sharp edges that could be used to cause serious injury, including
    • Items designed for chopping, such as axes, hatchets and cleavers
    • Ice axes and ice picks
    • Razor type blades such as box cutters, utility knives, and safety razor blades
    • Knives or knife-like objects of any length
    • Scissors with blades longer than 6cm as measured from the fulcrum
    • Martial arts equipment with sharp points or sharp edges
    • Swords, sabres
  4. Work tools that could be used to either cause serious injury or threaten the safety of aircraft, including:
    • Crowbars, hammers
    • Drills and drill bits, including cordless portable power drills
    • Tools with shafts longer than 6cm (excluding the handle that could be used as weapons, such as screwdrivers and chisels
    • Saws, including cordless portable power saws
    • Blowtorches, gas torches
    • Bolt guns and nail guns
  5. Blunt objects that could be used to cause serious injury when used to hit, including:
    • Sporting bats
    • Golf clubs, billiard cues, ski poles
    • Hockey sticks, lacrosse sticks
    • Brass knuckles
    • Clubs and batons, such as billy clubs, blackjacks and night sticks
    • Martial arts weapons
  6. Explosive or incendiary substances or devices that could be used to cause serious injury or threaten the safety of the aircraft, including:
    • Ammunition, propellant powder, gunpowder
    • Blasting caps
    • Detonators & fuses
    • Replica or imitation explosive devices
    • Mines, grenades & other military supplies
    • Flares or fireworks
    • Canisters or cartridges that create smoke
  7. Liquids, aerosols and gels
    • liquids, aerosols or gels - other than formula, milk, juice or food for infants- in containers that exceed 100 ml or 100 g in capacity and that do not all fit in a single clear plastic resealable bag that is sealed and does not exceed 1 L in capacity
  8. Dangerous goods
    • Dangerous goods as defined in section 2 of the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act, 1992 that are not being transported as set out in Part 12 of the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations
    • Caustic materials (including acids)
    • Carbon dioxide cartridges and other compressed gases

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