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Authorized Flight Permission Agents

  • Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority in pursuance of Civil Aviation Ordinance 1960; Civil Aviation Ordinance 1982, Air Navigation Order and Civil Aviation Rules 1994 and regulations approved by DG CAA, register interested individuals, Firms and Companies as an Authorized Flight Permissions Agent with CAA Pakistan.
  • Registered applicants Authorized by the Principal Operator (Foreign / local Commercial Operator or Airline) seeking Flight Permissions for non-scheduled/scheduled flights on their behalf and shall have supporting legal authorization / documents, (forwarded through Diplomatic Channel in case of foreign operator).


  • An Enterprise or Organization incorporated as Company with SECP and having Aviation background shall be eligible for registration with CAA as AFPA.
  • An applicant shall submit his application online (after taking ID and Password from AT&ER Directorate Licensing Branch) and also separately on applicable CAA Form, (until complete automation) duly filled, signed and stamped by Chief Executive (CE) of the Company to DAT & ER along with the following documents:-
  • Covering Letter on Company’s letterhead duly signed and stamped by CE of the Company, in which a brief introduction of their business activities shall be given.
  • Attested and Notarized copies of Incorporation Certificate, Memorandum & Articles of Association, duly verified by Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP).
  • Attested and Notarized copies of applicable Form-3, Form-A, Form-29 or any other prescribed form and verified by SECP.
  • Bank statement along with bank certificate showing financial soundness of the company.
  • Corporate Structure on the Company’s letter-head approved by the Board of Directors duly signed and stamped by the CE of the Company and
  • Certificate undertaking from CE of the Company regarding compliance of all regulatory requirements / instructions and that the Company shall abide by the rules and regulations issued by CAA from time to time.
  • Attested and Notarized copies of other Licences / Certificates issued earlier by CAA, if any.
  • Attested and Notarized copy of NTN Certificate issued by FBR.
  • Aviation experience and Bio Data of CE /Directors of the Company and / or aviation personnel employed along with photographs and Attested / Notarized copies of their CNICs.
  • Copies of paid Security Deposit, Advance Deposit, processing fee and Licence issue fee vouchers as per AT Fee Schedule given in ANO-002-ATXX-1.1. Pay order, bank draft and online transfers are also acceptable.
  • Undertaking to provide proof of Third Party Liability Insurance coverage at the time of applying for flight permission by a credible Aviation Insurance Company for the foreign registered cargo aircraft Rome Convention, 1952. The requests from the operators whose states of origin have not signed the Rome Convention, 1952 will require additional concrete assurances such as a diplomatic note from the State of the registry of the aircraft, accepting the responsibility for the compensation of Third Party Liability in the event of an accident as per Rome Convention, 1952. Alternatively, such a foreign registered aircraft must be insured for Third Party Liability by credible Aviation Insurance Company established in Pakistan before any the required permission.
  • Any other document(s) as desired by CAA, if required.
  • An inspection visit “at no-cost to CAA” may be carried out by an officer from AT&ER Directorate to verify the facilities available with the operator like suitable space, office / communication equipment and the appropriate staff at the operator’s office.
  • The Registration Certificate on CAA Form CAAF-010-ATNR-1.1 along with Conditions of the AFPA and current SOP will be issued to the Agent. AFPA would be fully responsible for the authenticity of the requirements submitted for registration and would be liable for payment of penalties under CARs 94 and relevant ANOs.

Renewal of the Certificate

  • The Certificate is renewable annually on fulfillment of the following Conditions:-
  • The holder of the Certificate shall submit an Application online and also separately on Company’s letter-head along with applicable CAA Form, renewal fee voucher/bank draft/pay order as per AT Fee Schedule, in favour of CAA at least 30 days prior to expiry of the Certificate to DAT & ER, HQ CAA, Karachi. Failing this, the Certificate-holder, in addition to normal renewal fee, shall pay a surcharge amounting to Rs. 1,000/- per month or part thereof.
  • In case the management has no aviation background/specialist, confirmation of Personnel employed having FOO Licence(s) {copies to be attached}
  • Submission of progress for last year’s flight operations. If no operations carried out, the reasons therefore with future plan.
  • No application for renewal of Certificate shall be entertained after expiry of the Certificate, unless approval/extension has otherwise been granted by DAT & ER. The Certificate-holder shall have no right to continue the privileges of the Certificate unless he justifies such delay to the satisfaction of DAT & ER. In such delayed cases, the Certificate may be processed for renewal subject to imposition of a late surcharge as prescribed. In the meanwhile, DAT & ER may grant extension in the validity of Certificate for exercising the privileges not more than a period of 60 days to accommodate flight operations by the Agent.
  • The certificate shall stand cancelled / revoked automatically, if the Agent does not apply for its further renewal for a year after its date of expiry.


·         The operator is advised to apprise this Directorate, immediately, in case of any change in company’s hierarchy / major share holders or in the top management, duly certified by Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan / Joint Registrar of Firm, for updating our record and necessary action.



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