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Timeline for Issuance of Air Operating Licences

Air Operating Licences are issued in accordance with Air Navigation Order, National Aviation Policy and Civil Aviation Rules 1994. These documents are available on CAA website. Applicant has to download the Application Form from the CAA’s website and forward his application along with all requisite documents to Director AT&ER, HQCAA and also forward the same online, after obtaining ID and Password from AT&ER Directorate. The processing time required is as under:-

Wherein DG CAA’s approval is required being the Competent Authority

OPI Action Timeline
AT&ER Directorate Scrutinize the application (or inform the applicant in case of any shortcomings) within 07 days *
Airworthiness Directorate
Flight Standards Directorate
Billing Branch
Legal (Reg) Branch
EO / CP Branch
Process for next step i.e. obtaining comments / NOC from concerned Directorates/Branches (or inform applicant in case of any comment from any section) within 15 days * +
Aviation Division and also forward the cased to Aviation Division for security clearance of the company/individuals/CE Director As required
AT&ER Directorate process for the approval of the DG CAA (and to forward the case of Aviation Division for approval, where required) within 14 days
AT&ER Directorate Issue license after receiving License Fee and Security Deposit as well as confirmation from the Finance Directorate within 10 days ++
Total …………………… 46 days

Wherein Government’s approval is required being the Competent Authority

Aviation Division Process for approval (where government's approval is required) within 14 days
AT&ER Directorate Issue licence after receiving the government's approval and confirmation of Licence Fee and Security Deposit from Finance Directorate. within 10 days ++
Total …………………… 60 days +++

* Time required by the application in case of clearing any shortcoming is not included.

+ will be initiated simultaneously.

++ will be counted one

+++ Security clearance time is not included

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