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About Airspace & Air Navigation Standards

Core Functions

  • Development & Review of Regulations, Air Navigation Orders, Standards & Procedures pertaining to Air Navigation Services (ANS).
  • Adoption of ICAO SARPs and notification of differences to ICAO for Annexes1 (ANS element),2, 3, 4, 5, 11, 12 & 15.
  • Ensure timely dissemination of Rules, Regulations, ANOs, Standards, Procedures and safety related information to all stakeholders.
  • Safety Oversight of Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) to ensure compliance of the established regulatory requirements.
Regulatory and Safety Oversight elements being dealt with by the Airspace and Air Navigation Standards Branch:
  • Air Traffic Management (PANS-ATM Doc 4444):
    • Air Traffic Services (Annex 11);
    • Air Traffic Flow Management; and
    • Airspace Management
  • Search and Rescue Services (Annex 12);
  • Aeronautical Information Services (Annex 15);
  • Aeronautical Charts (Annex 4);
  • Rules of the Air (Annex 2);
  • Instrument Flight Procedure Design Services (PANS-OPS DOC 8168);
  • Meteorological Services for Air Navigation (Annex 3);
    • Weather reporting;
    • Forecasting; and
    • Calibration and maintenance of meteorological instruments.
  • Units of Measurement to be used in Air and Ground Operations (Annex 5);
  • Regulatory Requirements/Standards for Training and Licensing of Air Traffic Controllers – (in consultation with Licensing Branch) (Annex 1).

Scope of Work

Regulatory work for 08 Annexes, PANS-OPS Doc 8168 volume II and PANS-ATM Doc 4444 and other associated ICAO Documents
Coordination & correspondence with:
  • ICAO and Regional office regarding ANS elements; ANSPs and ATS / AIS / SAR / MET offices and associated units;
Safety oversight inspection of
  • 03 offices of ANSPs; (ANS Div, PAF(Civil ATM matters at joint user airfields), Sialkot
  • 02 Area Control Centres (JIAP & AIIAP) & 04 Approach Control units (Karachi, Lahore, Multan, Cherat (Civil ATM matters)
  • 26 Aerodrome Control Towers;
  • 03 Pre-Flight Information units (ATS Reporting Offices);
  • 02 Rescue Coordination Centres & 26 Search and Rescue units;
  • 02 AIS Office (JIAP & AIIAP) and 01 INTL NOTAM Office (JIAP);
  • 01 Procedure Design Office of Operations Directorate;
  • 01 PMD Main Office; (For Aviation MET);;
  • 02 Meteorological Watch Offices(JIAP & AIIAP) for Aviation Meteorology, 03 Regional Meteorological Offices (Karachi, Lahore & Quetta) and associated MET Instruments / Equipment;
  • 26 Aeronautical Meteorological Offices /Observatories.

Organizational Structure

GM Airspace and Air Navigation Standards

Name: Mr. Shabbir Anwar Image N/A
No Photo Availabe
Telephone: +9221.99242748
PABX: +9221.99071111      Ext: 2300

CM Aeronautical Information Service

Name: Mrs. Shaheen Mahmood Image N/A
No Photo Availabe
Telephone: -
PABX: +9221.99071111      Ext: 2306

CM Air Traffic Management

Name: Mrs. Mah-e-laqa Image N/A
No Photo Availabe
Telephone: +9221.99242665
PABX: +9221.99071111      Ext: 2376

CM Procedure Design

Name: Mr. Fazal-ur-Rehman Image N/A
No Photo Availabe
Telephone: -
PABX: +9221.99071111      Ext: 2308

CM Meteorology

Name: Mr. Asif Usman Image N/A
No Photo Availabe
Telephone: -
PABX: +9221.99071111      Ext: 2349

DM Meteorology

Name: Mr. M. Anwar Alam Baig Image N/A
No Photo Availabe
Telephone: -
PABX: +9221.99071111      Ext: 2496

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