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Medical Services

Medical Services play a vital role in aiming towards sound health of not only all employees of Pakistan CAA, but also their family members. Another major role which Medical Services is responsible for is the provision of emergency / first aid treatment to passengers travelling through different airports of Pakistan, as per standards set by ICAO. Medical Services is divided into following sub branches or sections:-

  1. Employee Medical Services
    It deals with the services which are provided to on job & retired employees and their family members. It also looks after the CAA Panel hospitals, consultants, laboratories, M.I Room at Airports and Medical Centers across Pakistan.

  2. Emergency Medical Services
    It deals with the Emergency Assistance / First Aid Treatment which is provided to passengers and other stake holders at M.I Room located at Airports.

  3. Operational Medical Services
    It monitors the hygienic condition of confectionaries which are working at the airport along with creating awareness and taking preventive measures regarding communicable disease.

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