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Skardu Airport

Skardu is a beautiful valley of Baltistan.It is located at an elevation of 7316 ft with avg temperature of 26c.Skardu is famous for its serene natural beauty,fresh water springs,delicious fruits and pleasant weather.

Skardu airport is located 11miles from the city in NW direction.Paasengers experience stunning view of mighty indus river and snow capped mountains surrounding the skardu airport.There are two runways at Skardu airport one is abandoned and operational runway has PCN of 40 and length of 12000ft.At apron upto 3 B737 can be parked.Skardu airport is a Fire cat 6 airport equipped with latest Oshkosh RFF vehicles. PIA connects Skardu with capital city Islamabad with the help of two ATR42 flights seven days a week. Every year Skardu airport welcomes a large number of pakiatani as well as foreigner tourists who come to experience the beauty of Satpara lake,Shangrila resorts,Kachura lake,Manthoka waterfall,Deosai plains,Shigar fort and Khaplu fort.Skardu airport is equipped with spacious Arrival,Departure and VIP lounge to cater the needs of passengers. There are many development schemes are in process to better facilitate the airlines and passengers.

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